Well that’s the festivities over and done with, the tree down and the house resembling something more normal albeit a bit sparse! I’m sure the toddler will sort that out tomorrow, she’s currently going through a particularly destructive phase! Today has been a family day, and a business thinking day. Whilst watching my husband and son attempt to out strike each other ten-pin bowling I had a light-bulb moment! My husband doesn’t understand my lightbulb moments but when I get them there is such clarity that I feel the stars have aligned to show me the way! I have been struggling to write my goals for the new year, both personally and professionally. I downloaded an app called Success Wiz which asked me a series of very probing questions during a ‘Reality Check’ – none of which I knew the answer to! It worries me a lot that I appear to have lost touch with reality! “What is the main obstacle or challenge I am currently facing?” Erm, answering this question! “What must I accomplish to feel satisfied and fulfilled?” Drinking a cup of tea whilst still warm without having to microwave it several times? “What is stopping me from doing that I want?” Well that depends what I want, currently it’s a good nights sleep and the toddler is stopping me from doing that! I have come to realise it’s not the answers to these questions that matter, but that I am thinking about the bigger picture, thinking about myself and my position in the world, not just being wife and mummy, but being me and being GA Bookkeeping NE. Next the app goes on to make an action plan, goals I wish to set and the means and timescale in which to do it. I have decided not to put pressure on myself by setting goals with a deadline. This is my first year in business, this is my first year juggling work and two children (and two Labradors and a husband!) so I think putting additional pressure on myself will lead to stress and inevitably failure! And I’m pretty sure that my answer to the question “What is my biggest fear?” is the same as most people – failing! I do not intend to fail, I intend to build a successful business. And I think I need to do that slowly but surely! smiley

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