Another late one at GAB HQ despite every attempt for it not to be! I am grateful for the teacher training day tomorrow as I need one more day to attempt to get these children back into a normal routine! Otherwise, today has been quite a productive day. I have made progress on Foundations and am excited about being able to share this in the forthcoming months. It has also been a productive evening in terms of potential new clients. For those readers not local to the North east, the Inspire Network is a women only business network and I am a member of their Facebook group. This is an amazing group and any queries or questions are answered with such expertise by other members that I wouldn’t ask anywhere else! I helped someone complete their tax return, and then someone else posted asking for recommendations for a local small business accountant and my name was put forward by not one or two but 4 different ladies and off the back of those recommendations someone else enquired too! So tonight I am feeling chuffed for want of a better word! In my profession recommendation and word of mouth goes a long way so I am very grateful to the ladies on Facebook tonight! I am going to bed with my happy face on! smiley

Its nice to be able to put my many hours of Facebook time to good use at long last. I used to flick blurry eyed through status updates and look at peoples holiday pictures but now I am always on business pages, checking out the competition, getting marketing tips and advice, even signing up for free webinars! (Though I had to Google the times as they are on American east coast time and that means nothing to me! Very nearly signed up to the early am showing!) Today I have also signed up for a free eBook template from The Business Beautician which I could use for Foundations, just an idea I had as I was scribbling notes earlier and then low and behold the Facebook page appears in my suggested pages and there’s a shiny template ready to go! Is it just me or do lots of stars seem to be aligning for me at the minute…?! Depends what you believe in – fate, destiny, belief, or the inevitability of hard work? Whichever sign of the coin you have to believe in yourself and I think I am succeeding in that part of my personal new years resolution to spend more time on me! I am mummy 24 hours a day, but I have rarely been just Gemma, certainly in the last 18 months since Megan’s arrival! But sitting down in front of the laptop every evening and putting my thoughts in order and typing out something legible for anyone and everyone to read is very therapeutic. As I type now, my husband asleep on the sofa in front of the Inbetweeners opposite me, a hot cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit beside me I feel very very content. Good night all xx

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