Yet again it is stupid o’clock by the time the kids are asleep, the uniform is ironed & packed lunch made and I get to sit and write this! I didn’t even get to watch the start of the new series of Broadchurch tonight, something I have looked forward to for weeks! Still, watching it with a secret bar of choccy during nap time tomorrow is rather appealing!

Today has been a day of many firsts. It is the first Monday of 2015. It is the first day back to normality, although school doesn’t start until tomorrow. It is the first day of Juice Plus, something my husband and I are embarking on together. It is also the day of the first proof for my banner for the Business Northumberland #SYB15 event from Print & Design by Piggy Voucher (! Graham is a design genius I gave him a blank canvas with no clue whatsoever what I wanted and I am chuffed with what he has come up with! Starting to get excited about this event, and a bit nervous! I am scared of Twitter, I have linked it to my business Facebook page in order to have a presence and I very occasionally post on one of the many #hours when prompted by others (thanks to Samantha for tonights!) but I get very excited when I get a Twitter notification when I have done nothing to deserve it! Today I have been tagged by Business Northumberland “Delighted these local entrepreneurs will be involved with #SYB15” and it got SEVEN retweets! That’s the most action I have ever seen on Twitter! I also got six new followers! So I’m feeling a bit of a twit tonight! 😉

I am not really sure yet of my actual involvement in the event. I am an entrepreneur representative and will be available for people to chat to about becoming self employed or starting their own business. That’s as far as I know, there will be further discussions nearer the time I am sure. I am looking forward to the networking opportunity if others tagged in similar tweets are to go by! So my focus for January is confidence building so that I rock this event and make a name for myself as the total pro that I am! I am bolstered regularly by my mumpreneur friends, by far the best business decision I have made so far was starting the Northumberland Mumpreneurs group! We have our next coffee morning next week and the following week is the Meet A Mentor for Women event in Newcastle. I wasn’t able to attend this initially as my husband works offshore and wasn’t due to be home to babysit – but now he is! Get in! So he can watch The Snowman and The Snowdog 50 times and get clonked on the head by some various toy (today she got me with her little hoover!) whilst I get to mingle child-free! By the time 24 January comes around I hope my confidence cup will be overflowing!smiley

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You really are too kind…. Thank you for your kind words. My job is to make you happy and create your visions to the real I am. Love your blog and your a pleasure to work with.

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