Back to school!!!!! The day that I’m sure any parent longs for after school holidays! And I even managed a lie in, the husband got up with Matthew letting me have an extra 40 minutes in bed! Pleased to report that despite being up til 2am writing yesterdays blog (and then getting side-tracked on the IOEE website ahead of the Meet a Mentor event coming up later this month!) and then being up with Megan three times through the night I still feel supercharged. Not sure if its the capsules, the crisp fresh winter air or just the excitement of business life but I’m loving it regardless! smiley

Today I have been thinking about getting organised. I definitely think one of my post-new years resolutions, a definite new business habit that I need to get into is planning. I’ve never been much of a planner I like writing to-do lists but prefer the writing of the list to the doing of the actions required! Blogger Liz Barlow posted on Facebook group Women inspiring Women this morning asking for tips on managing work/home-life balance for her latest blog and this has got me thinking! On paper I feel really busy what with the kids and the business and the Mumpreneurs group and the Blog but basically I just spend a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook! Even worse now I am also helping my husband with his new page! But despite this today I am disappointed by the reach on my business page. I have been considering preparing Facebook and Twitter posts in advance and scheduling them but have never got round to working out how to do it. I think now is the time! I definitely need to get organised and get planning. I have read the top 5 tips for productivity are 1. An organised workspace – hmm that needs work, I am currently between the conservatory (brr!) and the kitchen table! 2. Set a meaningful goal – I already blogged that I wasn’t going to put additional pressure on myself by setting goals but this is more about keeping focus and not getting side-tracked. 3. Plan what you are doing tomorrow tonight – interesting! I make packed lunch and iron uniform the night before heck I’m already halfway there! 4. Start the day doing the most important thing from the list in 3 – I usually start my day with a brew and Cbeebies not sure either of those would count towards my goal?! and 5. Keep a Timesheet – to help you see where your time goes. I can see the logic in that, many a day I lose track of time and no sooner has Matthew left for school he’s home again! And from a professional point of view I highly recommend keeps records like this to support use of home allowance claims on your tax return in case of an inspection by HMRC! So that’s it! I am getting with it, I am going to be a well-oiled super functioning mumpreneur machine! I have found a free online printable – monthly and weekly diary pages and daily planner on (scroll down to the bottom of the page!) I am going to give these a whirl for the rest of January and see how I get on! And if, no not if, WHEN, I stick to it and become awesomely productive I might treat myself to a Leonie Dawson workbook – because I’m worth it! smiley

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