Today has been a good day! I am feeling so full of energy and so focussed, despite late night blogging and the little person climbing into our bed last night! I definitely think starting 2015 with a positive attitude is key. I’ve never really been driven in a business sense but I am just so excited for all the possibilities! I guess I am feeling well & truly inspired! smiley

As a stay at home mum whose husband works away I can go days or weeks without seeing another adult. Much as I love my children, conversations with an 18 month old are a bit one sided and conversations with an 11 year old are just as one-sided – only the other way! I can sit and listen to him waffling on about footballers or zombies or Minecraft for what feels like HOURS! I guess that’s one of the reasons social media took off in the way it did – contact. I started the Northumberland Mumpreneurs group to make ‘online’ friends whilst I’m at home with the baby, with the hope that one day it could possibly become more. In just two short months I have gained some great friends, learnt a great deal and felt more supported than I think I ever have before! Having a support network is definitely helping my confidence and I was all happy and smiley out walking the dogs this afternoon after conversations on the group earlier, despite the gale that was blowing. I am a happy dog walker, I like the fresh air, I like to fuss other peoples dogs and say hello maybe have a brief conversation, especially when Chris is away as it could be the only adult contact I have. Since we moved house last summer, hate to say I am disappointed compared to the dog walking community at our old house! People don’t say hello, people rarely even make eye contact. Today, I had the pushchair parked up at the side of the path with the brake on whilst I was picking up the dogs biz and the wind started to rock the pushchair. I was a few steps too far away to steady the buggy and finish the pick up. So I just stood there poo bag in my hand between the two with my foot on the buggy waiting for the wind to die down so that I could complete said pick up! Several people walked passed it was very obvious what I was trying to do and not one person offered to help. If I saw someone in my position I would offer assistance! I would offer to hold the buggy, maybe even acknowledge the little person strapped inside it, and have a brief conversation about the awful weather with the dog owner whilst giving the dog a pat on the head! Multitasking at its best! All of the passers by were men and older than my 32 years perhaps that’s why no-one offered any assistance, maybe they instinctively thought this women is a well oiled super functioning mumpreneur machine she’s got this! Or maybe I should have just asked a passer-by for help. I’ve never been very good at asking for help, in fact I think its my biggest weakness. Even now as the time ticks on and I am still typing away (despite promising I was going to chill tonight, finally watch Broadchurch and get to bed at a reasonable hour for a change!) school uniform remains unironed and the packed lunch unmade. I should have asked the hubby to do it before he went to bed, he is very good at doing jobs I ask him to do but not so good at reading my mind! It annoys him greatly! :-/ Maybe I should set myself a task of asking for help, no matter how small, once a day. Starting from tomorrow…! smiley

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