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I’m having a bit of an off day! A flat, stressy, frustrating day and I am annoyed at the day and at myself! In fact there must be something in the air or in the water as it seems a bit of an off day all round – with toddler tantrums & pre-teen cheek that resulted in a 1 day PlayStation ban! Think we all need a good nights sleep – she says typing at 1.30am! The wintry weather today did not help my temperament – instead of seeing the wonder of snow flakes fluttering about from the warmth & cosiness of indoors I was out walking the dogs and got soaked and cold and it deepened the darkness. I have been trying to have a positive 2015. I know I haven’t changed but having a positive outlook has changed how I feel about the same things, I am trying very hard to be a glass half empty kinda gal after the stresses of 2014 had made me more a pessimist. I guess everyone has bad days and I shouldn’t beat myself up about it, hopefully a better night sleep tonight and a more successful day will lie ahead tomorrow!

I am pleased to report that the banner stand I am having made is no longer causing stress I have been googling and rewriting and looking up business colour psychology so I think that is now onto a winner, finally! Can’t wait to share a picture when its all done and dusted! Asking for help and using my new decision making process certainly came into their own so thanks to Rachel of RJM Photography and Graham of Print & Design by Piggy Voucher for helping me through it!

Working from home has is benefits, and I definitely wouldn’t change it for the world right now! Certainly beats 10 hour days and rush hour traffic. But with it there are inevitably downsides as well, I’m sure many of you can relate! Being at home means the ability to work around children, and not having to fork out for childcare costs any longer. Huge plus! But it also means, particularly with young children, you are at home with the children! This is a fulltime job in itself most of the time! Megan is a very independent 18 month old – she can even peel her own satsumas! But she is going through a mummy sit and build towers or mummy sit and watch me play in my playhouse or mummy read me the book I’ve read to myself for the last half an hour kind of phase despite brother and daddy being at home! So working around children does literally mean that! She doesn’t nap much now so productivity is my current challenge! She is sitting quite happily watching TV tucking into some brioche at the minute which has given me time to get this finished thankfully! There’s also the downside of being at home and therefore surrounded by the housework! Frustratingly when I finally get a child free couple of hours and think right time to focus on work, there’s always something I think I’ll just do this first (loading dishwasher or washing machine takes considerably less time without the assistance of a little person!) and then before I know it the whirlwind is home again! I still haven’t watched Broadchurch!! Another plus of working from home is the flexability to set your own hours or work when you want to. But on the downside of things can easily pile up if life takes over for a little while or if you’ve been busy focussing on one thing. And I often find myself working in the early hours as Megan’s sleep pattern is all over the place since the festive period so I spend an exhausting few hours in an evening trying to get her to bed and then switch on the laptop to start and work! Not good for my own sleep pattern!!

I have mentioned before I think that we moved house in the summer. The new house has potential to be the family house we’ve always wanted, when funds allow! It is all open plan downstairs which is great with a toddler. I am sitting at the dining table now whilst she is happily playing away in the living room. The problem I am having and I’m sure many can relate is a dedicated workspace that I can dip in and out of when time allows. It is a 3 bedroomed house so no spare room upstairs and no-where downstairs in the house for a desk so I set up my “office” in the huge conservatory. I had a lovely couple of months setting things up, watching the birds & Megan play in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. There’s even something relaxing in the pitter pattering of the summer rain on the glass roof. But then came the Autumn and the great freeze! There is currently no heating in the conservatory and the second you step inside you feel like you have been transported to Antarctica! So I moved to the dining table, but the downside of this is that I have to pack and unpack every time I get a chance to work! The nature of my work with lots of papers, receipts, bank statements etc and the amount of time it takes to pack it all up again in an organised way to save time the next time I can unpack is another hiccup I am having to manage. Plus there’s the mental challenge of knowing before I can even start working I have to unpack everything! Roll on the spring time and getting my office back. And hopefully here’s to 2015 and making some money to get the garage converted into an office I can work in without needing a coat hat scarf and gloves!

All these little hurdles make for a much more interesting race though I’m sure you will agree! smiley

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