I’m doing this for a reason…

Firstly, apologies for the delay in writing avid readers! I had just promised myself I would write every Sunday and Wednesday, but Wednesday turned to Thursday then Friday and before I knew it a week has passed! Its been quite a whirlwind lately, I should have been writing regularly to download all of the emotion from my brain, to journal the memories of each moment. But I hit a wall. My personal life hit a low and the same time that my business life hit a high, a very weird paradox to be in. I felt like my world might imploded at any minute so I had to stop, and breathe, and reflect, take stock and find solutions. So I am back, and pleased to report all areas on now back in the positive and we are back to jumping two footed on opportunities and seizing the day!

So, the last thing I wrote about was the Business Northumberland Big Event. Inspired and motivated, I saw a post on The Inspire Network facebook page by the lovely Krystyna Dodds who owns Curiously Wicked beautiful decadent chocolate heaven teashop in Cramlington. An offer of afternoon tea with other local business women in the company of Helen Ford from ITV Tyne Tees News was just too good an opportunity to miss! Helen was doing an article on 100 days countdown to the general election & wanted to talk to local people about their thoughts on politics – ha! But after a lovely afternoon tea with Kate Bell of kbjust4kids fashion focussed clothing for kids and Angela Dawson The Admin Doc we just about managed to cobble some opinions between us and all had our 5 minutes of fame when it was aired on Tyne Tees News last Tuesday! Cue numerous telephone phone calls from family, and text messages from friends who had seen it! My Grandad even commented he nearly didn’t recognise me now that I’m a high flying business woman! Confidence cup fit to burst! haha

So now how do I continue? After the 4 day major high, meeting celebs and getting on TV, how can I possibly top this? Well you can’t can you. The buzz comes from the inspiration and motivation, and as long as I feed that in other ways it will continue to grow. The exposure is amazing for any new business and its harnessing that, and channelling it into something that will benefit my business I need to focus on. After all, that’s what I have done it for – to get out there, to shout as loud as possible I AM HERE. Now I just need to use it, follow up on the new leads and turn them into clients. Continue to use the experiences as confidence boosters and share the pictures and stories for publicity on my social media and website! After all, if Katie Bulmer-Cooke made a success of her business on the back of a letter from HRH Kate Middleton why shouldn’t I on the back of a photo of her? They do say a photo speaks a thousand words!

I have learned a very hard lesson during this week. A lot of firsts a lot of highs during my first tax season – a very busy time of year anyway in my profession! I welcomed the few days time-out and reflection. After all, I am doing this not only for myself but also for my family. I started my business to use my skills and earn an living whilst having time with the children. I started doing this to get the best of both worlds, to contribute to the family income whilst staying at home. Working from home is hard, people will disagree but in my opinion it is harder than going to work in an office – you can’t leave it behind at the end of the day! And definitely harder than working for someone else. Its relentless – the work, the social media, the advertising and marketing, the scheduling and networking. And at the beginning its a lot of hours for little return. People who aren’t self employed and who don’t work from home can’t comprehend the enormity of work involved, I’m sure my husband thought I did little work all day long at the beginning. And working around the children makes it harder – I have been trying to write this for about 3 hours stopping and starting with the constant interruption of toddler and pre-teen! But there is no point working yourself into the ground to miss out on the reasons for doing it in the first place. So now I am getting organised. I am scheduling social media posts. I am getting a plan together of what jobs to do when things like updating website and only attending networking events that work for me. I am switching my phone off in an evening to enjoying family time and quality time with the husband. After all, what is the point without that? Other businesses are different, establishing a product sales is very different to establishing services. I am my business and I am no use to any body overtired and stressed out. Today I have ordered myself a new planner and printed this in the front cover so I always remember – its all about me!

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I agree – I too work from home for my ‘day’ job, whilst running my business in the evenings – it all gets too much sometimes, so weekends are my crash and burn days – spent with family! (Although I am currently on the laptop while sons watch a film!)

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