Big up the Mumpreneurs!

What a meeting! And what a response! I was physically and emotionally drained last night but at the same time buzzing with excitement, ideas and possibility! Our biggest group yet over 30 ladies attended the February meeting of the Northumberland Mumpreneurs. Lots of new faces, lots of putting faces to names of people who have been active in the facebook group for some time but this was their first meeting. And for me, new clients! Always a bonus! I feel like a mother, this group is my baby and I am proudly watching her grow and develop! Over the last few months she has started to walk, toddled off to nursery and then yesterday in her brand new too-big uniform she started school! I am a very proud mother right now and like every mother I want the best for my child, and I want her to grow to do amazing things! Which I know she will, just like my real babies will achieve greatness so will my imaginary one!

Having so many people wasn’t without its hurdles, Willow Farm is a great venue for us as it has the play area, but it is still a pub and the layout isn’t exactly designed for speaking to a large group, nor are the acoustics! But easily solved next time with a bit of a rejig and a microphone! The manager of the pub Stew is lovely, very helpful, very accommodating, and I am sure we will find a way to make it work seamlessly! So now to plan the future of the group, get guest speakers booked and inspire “my” ladies into being the best that they can be and showing them that they can achieve their dreams.

“If you hang out with chickens you’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles you’re going to fly” – Steve Maraboli

We are flying! And its time we flew higher! I intend to write some press releases this weekend, the story of the Northumberland Mumpreneurs and get the name and our story out there, reach more mumpreneurs and spread the inspiration county wide, and get the attention of the local business community who might then get involved! The North East gets a bad press. I am not a northerner by tongue, my dad was in the RAF so I have lived all over, but I am definitely a Northumbrian in my heart – all my family are born and bred here, I have Northumberland in my blood! But for all the bad press, northerners are the best people – strong, determined, driven. Wise man Kofi Annan said “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” I am definitely feeling empowered and after the comments and responses in the facebook group last night I think that feeling is pretty mutual!

So now I have my work cut out, getting guest speakers and planning ahead. But as I learnt first hand yesterday trying to do everything myself and I nearly forgot the raffle, I really need to share the work out and I have lots of offers of help. Samantha Rickelton, North East Family Fun and Northumberland Mumpreneurs Executive Committee member has been using her contacts and online influence to tout for speakers and we already have one in the pipeline after just one day! I have tweeted Katie Bulmer-Cooke and am in negotiations with her manager. I am going to start hounding celebs on twitter, after all if Gary Barlow turned up to sing at someones wedding after she did just that, who knows Richard Branson might one day turn up! Gotta set my sights high!

So this is just a brief recap from yesterday, onwards and upwards work to be done!

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