Author of my own destiny

This week is a biggy. A biggy in terms of stepping into my light, sharing my struggles so as to empower and inspire others. And also a biggy in terms of realising a life long ambition.

A couple of months ago I said yes to an opportunity totally outside of my comfort zone. I have always loved to write, and dreamed of one day being a published author. So I said yes to co-authoring a book, writing a chapter, three thousand of my own words to be shared with the stories of many other inspiring women. The Divine Power of the Feminine Collective is empowering, inspiring, and being part of this project has quite literally changed my life.

The premise of the book is to inspire other women to begin their personal journeys, to reconnect to their inner wild woman and step into their power, into their unique light. I will be going live on my facebook page on Sunday to share my reasons for taking part in this project as part of the launch celebrations.

Taking part in this process, of facing some tough emotions and committing them to text, has been therapeutic. Sharing my darkness, my struggle with family and friends, has brought it to the light. It has definitely been a bit of an emotional one. But I feel more aligned and purposeful than I ever have before, I feel connected to my wild woman, to my higher self and I feel guided by my intuition to continue to write and continue to spread my light.

I have created a new facebook group called Divine, Aligned and Reconciled, hence the change of name in this blog! I aim to combine business-y stuff with mindfulness, meditation and inspiration to help others to find their power, to pursue their passion and live the fullest and richest life imaginable.

In times of uncertainty I am more determined than ever to realise my dreams, every single one of them. Who’s joining me?