A new year, a new start, and a new blog! I always fancied being a writer and if adding a blog to my webpage improves my google ranking then why not kill two birds with one stone! I have exciting plans for 2015 and I hope that by sharing my journey through mumpreneurhood I can support and inspire other mums to follow their dreams and start their own business as well!

So as this is the first one, and it’s being published on 1 January when I will more than likely be recovering from new year (in a tiredness sense rather than a hangover, to make that clear!) and there will be very little work getting done – here is an introduction to me! I am Gemma, 32 years old, wife to Chris, mother to Matthew (11) and Megan (18 months). I am a bookkeeper and set up my practice in September 2014 doing Bookkeeping, Accounts and Tax for Small Businesses. I also run Northumberland Mumpreneurs facebook group and with the support of Business Northumberland host monthly coffee mornings for informal child friendly networking! Our next coffee morning is Wednesday 14 January, contact me for more details. The group came about when I was asked to co-host a coffee morning to celebrate Women Entrepreneurs Day 2014 with Business Northumberland. We had a guest speaker, the very inspiring Kate Dawson from the All-in-one Company, and after a very nerve racking public speaking debut with a whinging toddler in tow, Northumberland Mumpreneurs was born! Samantha Rickelton, winner of North East Blogger of the Year 2014 wrote a lovely piece after the event, click here to read her blog. It is the support of the group and the wonderful ladies of the coffee mornings that inspired me to start this blog. A problem shared is a problem halved and having like-minded people to bounce ideas off and get advice from has been an essential part of m development thus far in my journey into mumpreneurhood. I decided to start my business in order to spend more time at home with my daughter while she is little, and my son before he becomes a man, so all my work is done around the school run, baby classes, nappy changes and nap times! This is a challenge in itself, thank god us women are gifted with the skill of multi-tasking! The last 3 months have been a steep learning curve in time management, learning to run a home and family and business simultaneously and I’ll admit I frequently get myself tied in knots! I am determined that 2015 will be the year that everything falls into place – I become a Mary Poppins/Anita Roddick hybrid!

I look forward to sharing this journey of self discover with you, every step of the way. Bring on 2015!

G xx

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