Today I have the mother of all headaches, thanks mostly to being clonked between the eyes with a tea cup first thing this morning by the toddler! Not the best start to the day! I still managed another light bulb moment though, despite the crazy head fog! Before Christmas I had a bit of a crisis of confidence and questioned whether I was cut out for this business lark. But then I received a phone call from Stephanie at Business Northumberland asking if I would be interested in being a representative at their Big Event in January, offering advice to people considering self employment and new businesses alike. Wowzers! From losing faith in myself to receiving the highest praise from other others in a heartbeat! I jumped at the chance, absolutely thrilled to be asked and never one to turn down an opportunity – and what an opportunity! I can network, showcase my abilities, meet potential clients and practice perfecting my swan pose (appearing confident on the outside whilst freaking on the inside!) all the while doing the most important thing – getting my name out there into the big wide small business world! This gave me a massive confidence boost which I really needed (a sign?) and after a fabulous reflexology session from one of my Northumberland Mumpreneur friends Claire Gardner (more on her in weeks to come!) I had a sleepless night, of the rare good kind, brimming with ideas the creative juices were overflowing! So I filled my notepad, googled til my eyes were square and rang my Mum and Nana (that’s Grandma to any southeners reading!) who are my goto people for confidence building and reassurance! I was back with a vengeance and raring to go! The idea of writing this blog came that night, along with my big bright idea – Foundations. This idea is still in its infancy and I have a meeting with my business advisor Gillian next week who will hopefully help me put my idea into fruition and I hope to launch it at the Big Event in Cramlington on 24 January. Todays lightbulb moment, with the help of my fabulous friend Kate Bell of kbjustforkids, has kick started this ball rolling and I am EXCITED about the possibilities! That and having lunch out this week without the toddler, that’s almost as exciting! 2015 is going to be a great year! smiley

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