A week later…

Woo hoo I managed to make it to a week writing a blog every day! And to celebrate The Northumberland Mumpreneur is going on twitter! So you can now follow the blog on @nlandmumpreneur!

I felt guilty when I woke up this morning as I didn’t post last night, not sure if I have any regular followers yet (if I have leave me a comment to say hi!) but after a lovely reflexology session from Claire Gardner I was so chilled out I nodded off curled up in bed with the toddler! Cue knackered aching legs today as curled up in a cotbed is not the most comfortable of experiences! So apologies for not posting last night I will try and make todays extra special!

So I had a right mixture of a day yesterday! The morning started badly, after a poor nights sleep due to the toddler stirring every hour! (Is it any wonder I fell asleep with her last night!) After chomping down my capsules a bowl of porridge and several cups of tea I finally started to feel human again around 10am! This is the plus side of working from home! Didn’t have much on my task list so thought I’d have an fairly easy lazy day – big mistake! Three phone calls with a tornado toddler in the background later and I was ready to pull my hair out, and hers, and the dogs! Three phone calls that all required a decision to be made. Cue a new weakness – indecisiveness!!!! Who knew?! My husband, apparently! He said I am a nightmare if he asks me what I want for lunch, or what I want to do, or anything where there is a choice to be made! I’ve never realised before! But yesterday I have never been more frustrated with myself! The downside of working from home and working alone! I did post on the Mumpreneur Facebook group to let off some steam and as usual the ladies were quick to assist, and after a shower some lunch and some fresh air walking the dogs I regrouped and managed to make two out of the three! Number three is still plaguing me but I will get there eventually I just need to not stress about it and think things through logically, tomorrow!

This aftermoon I met with my business advisor Gillian Middleton from Business Northumberland. I haven’t seen her since before Christmas and I had a lot to offload and to get her advice on! She is fab, after casting her critics eye on my Foundations idea she has managed to make it even better! So I am getting to work on this now so that I have something ready to showcase at the Start Your Business event on 24 January. The new product is to help new businesses and startups get to grips with their accounts in an affordable way with full support. I am looking forward to getting excited about it and sharing the idea with others, Gillian thinks it there is a market for things like this so fingers crossed! I am really going to miss her when Business Northumberland’s funding ends in March. So now to harass Graham my print and design guy some more! Hard not knowing what I want and he has had some great ideas, I feel like an awful client to keep changing the goal posts but he is fab and hasn’t complained one bit when I’ve asked him to change this font or change that word or redo the whole thing as I’ve changed my mind completely about what I want it to say!! I highly recommend Print & Design by Piggy Voucher especially for indecisive people like me, he even gave me some valuable advise on having a decision making process!! Much appreciated!

Right as I am currently child free and STILL haven’t managed to watch Broadchurch yet I shall sign off for now as the kettle has just boiled! Happy Friday everyone! smiley

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