Bring on 2015!

What an amazing few days at GAB HQ and in Gemmaville!!! For once, I have been consumed by work and unable to write, but in a good way! I feel alive again, woken from my mummy cocoon! Don’t get me wrong I love being a mummy, I love being at home with my daughter, my son outside of school hours, the Labradors, even the husband at times! But it is so nice to experience life beyond that, I didn’t realise how much I needed it! So I am now feeling excited, electric, inspired and driven to make my business as successful as I can! Bring on 2015!

On Wednesday it was the January meet up of the Northumberland Mumpreneurs. I was excited to see the ladies, it feels such a long time since December, and we had a few new faces around the table. Lovely to finally meet Safron Mitchelson of Safrolistics beautiful custom-made jewellery and Kate Brennan who runs Aloe Amazing and Baby-2-Baby Preloved Essentials. I know I decided I wasn’t going to put pressure on myself by setting goals for the new year but I thought it might be a nice idea if we all set just one goal each, record them, laminate them and hold each other accountable for achieving them, revisiting throughout the year and supporting each other to make them happen. We have a variety of different goals, mine being to invest more in myself so that my family and business get the benefit of me being at my best. I haven’t done this enough, especially since Megan came along, and I’m definitely due some regular me time! I also raised my current problem of productivity, it is so easy to be distracted working from home. So I posted the daily planner I am now using from The Girls Mean Business onto the Facebook group so that others can benefit too. To be honest today is the first day I have actually used it, due to logistical problems of access to the printer! But today has been a busy day so it felt good to download the little hamster spinning away on his wheel inside my head on to paper which has helped me to focus today with meeting new clients.

So on to today. I had arranged two new client visits for today. I was away from home 4 hours which is the longest I have left Megan, but she thoroughly enjoyed her trip to the shops with Daddy which tired her out and she promptly fell asleep for him! Seriously no fair! First client was in Durham, and it was a lovely drive except for the wind battering the car at times! My only bug bear I wish I had updated my iPhone playlist beforehand! Anyone else get infuriated having to delete things to download the updates? It was just before Christmas so my current playlist consists of the Snowman, The Polar Express and compilation of Kids Xmas Songs! I’m not a fan of the radio as I just want to listen to music, I don’t want to have to listen through countless adverts and DJ chit chat. But after a couple of Christmas songs, radio it was! I forgot how beautiful the city of Durham is, last time I was there I was just a kid I think my auntie took me and my sister to the cathedral one summer holiday when we were up in the north east visiting. Its definitely a place I would like to explore more, so we shall be planning a few family trips there this summer I’m sure! After a lovely meeting with my client & fusses from Monty the dog it was time to head up to Heaton for meeting number two. I feel like I have had a tour of the north east today as although I have visited both places before, I haven’t really driven them and the Sat Nav took me routes I definitely hadn’t been before! I drove passed the Angel of the North which always gives me a feeling of home and being proud of my Geordie heritage! I think its because when we were younger and saw it heading up the A1 to visit family, we knew we were nearly there. I’ve never actually visited the Angel itself, today is the closest I’ve ever been! Maybe another trip this summer! The drive through Gateshead was fraught with traffic and an idiotic white BMW X3 driver and I arrived at Heaton in good time. I always have a little self doubt, a niggle at the back of my head, but sitting with new client no 2 and explaining things to her and making suggestions I suddenly thought I do know this stuff! I can do this! So then sitting in city traffic to get home I had a really content feeling, which when I got home to the biggest smiles and cuddles just absolutely made my day!

So back to my planner. It has 3 MIT’s – Most Important Tasks. I have only achieved one of those today and that is to write this! But I’m not going to reprimand myself for only achieving 1 out of 3 as its been a good day, a great day, overall. So I am going to bed at a fairly respectable hour satisfied that I have done enough today and more content than I think I have felt in a while. I wonder what tomorrow has in store….! smiley

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